His & Hers | No. 02

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Our folding chairs

Saturday morning started out a little rough. There was a lot of frustration and bickering. But as planned, we drove out to Lake Cuyamaca for an afternoon by the lake. He fished. I watched. The weather was beautiful. We were away from our normal scenery and had time to breathe. We had time to talk. We even came home with a little sun on our faces. Even if the start to our day wasn’t ideal, it ended up being a great afternoon. It’s days like this that make me extra grateful. Grateful for the way that Philip loves me, even in theĀ midstĀ of an argument. He always asks the right questions, gives me time to think, is open minded when listening to my side of things, and never hesitates to forgive or to say that he’s sorry. I am very blessed.

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