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Fall has been trying to show it’s face here in San Diego. We’ve had a couple of brisk days and a handful of chilly nights. Anytime it’s slightly cooler than 80 degrees, we’ve been taking the opportunity to enjoying soup.

When we were first married, my friend’s mom was sweet enough to send us a bag full of soup ingredients and this recipe. It’s one of our favorites. It’s really filling and it takes hardly any time to make (big bonus!). I buy all of the ingredients at Trader Joe’s, but I’m sure you can pick them up at any grocery store.

Tuscan Bean Soup:


1 pkg Mire Poix

4 cloves of garlic

3 T of olive oil

1 box of organic chicken broth

1 box of beans from the refrigerated section (I used to buy the 6-bean medley, but I’m not sure that they carry it anymore. Lately I’ve been buying the lentils)

1 cup of Puttanesca Tomato Sauce

1 bag of frozen meatballs

In a large pot, sautee the veggies + garlic in olive oil. Add the chicken broth + the Puttanesca Tomato Sauce + let simmer. Defrost the meatballs. Cut them into halves or fours. Add meatballs and beans to soup. You’re done!

Easy, right? With just the two of us, this lasts quite a while. What’s your favorite soup to make when it’s cold out?

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